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Music Heritage Global (全球音樂傳統) is established in Los Angeles by music lovers.  We feel that music is the language for pleasure, diversity, innovation and integration.  Music is also the catalyst for peace.  Music is probably the least national among all of the arts.  Long before anything else, music has been a global matter.

Music Heritage Global is committed to music education, outreach and platform building. We are in the belief that, in order to preserve and thereby maximize the value of the immense heritage, the music community needs more than ever those people who could play such innovative roles as those of anthropologist, experimenter, cross-pollinator, hurdler, collaborator, experience-architect, set-designer, caregiver or storyteller. As we are committed to support the cause, we shall serve to be a facilitator for some of such innovative roles.

  • to promote the understanding and continuity of diverse music cultures around the world;
  • to preserve vanishing world music heritage;
  • to enable interaction in world’s music communities;
  • to support new innovations and artists in music; and 
  • to engage participation and educational outreach in order to promote global appreciation of music.
Music will thereby serve to preserve, collaborate and integrate diverse heritage and values, to encourage inter-cultural dialogue, and to act as catalyst to the evolution towards globalization and peace.

  • To be instrumental through communication, education and outreach as well as through integration of modern technology, techniques and world's resources to preserve and promote music heritage
  • To create social network platforms to broadcast, share, educate and appreciate music across the globe
  • And further promote and serve vibrant communities of music professionals and enthusiasts at local, national and international levels to support music appreciation, collaboration and innovation.


  • Music as a universal language for integration
  • Music as catalyst for peace
  • Diversity while global as richness inherent in heritage and differences
  • Excellence as delivering the highest quality of endeavors in conservation, communication, education, platform development and community outreach.
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